Portable AC Rental Units

Rugged. Reliable. Responsible. These are the qualities you demand for your temporary spot cooling challenges. So meeting these expectations is vital to your reputation, and your business. That's why they're also the qualities found in every portable air- conditioning system we sell. Koldwave spot cooling units are among the industry's most rugged, designed to take all the abuse your customers dish out. Simple to set-up, our units stand up to any challenge-all the time, every time-giving your customers 24/7 reliability, and your business 24/7 customer repeat-ability.

With more than 60 years of experience, Koldwave is an industry leader in reliable portable spot cooling solutions. We're dedicated to providing the right temporary air-conditioning solutions for your business's fleet or job-specific applications. We offer a full spectrum of air- and water- cooled portable air conditioning units that can withstand the rigors of the toughest commercial setting, yet are quiet enough to supplement cooling in an office or residential space. Our industry expertise and insights will help you determine the right range of units for your business needs, and our knowledgeable technical service and support team will keep you and your customers operations up and running.

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